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The D is silent. We are not.


Djuna Shay

is a sustainable & vegan 'Made in the USA' brand.

Using soft, luxurious organic fabrics, we create looks that are

on trend and timeless.

We design custom textile prints, and create beauty through fabric.

Djuna Shay is what happens when style and substance meet.  



We are all about it.

Our accessories and clothing are made in the garment district of NYC, our fabrics are produced in a small mill in North Carolina. Everything Djuna Shay is Made in America and can be origin-source traced; we know all the ins and outs of how our pieces get to be.

The U.S apparel market is a global giant but very little manufacturing

is done in the United States. Did you know between 1990 and 2011

about 750,000 apparel jobs disappeared from the USA?



fabric is a yes for us, we strive to use as much as we can.

Organic & sustainable fabrics have a much smaller carbon footprint.



We want animals to live in their skins, like we live in ours, and with

our prints why would you need to wear anything else?

Tanning, the process of turning skin into leather or fur, requires a ton

of energy, as well as dangerous chemicals like coal tar to finish the job.

The health threat posed for the people working in the tanneries and

in the surrounding communities is enormous.



Our planet is magnificent. We want to live here for a while.

We want that for our kids, and their kids too.

Fashion is fantastic, but currently it's the third most polluting industry

in the world. Traditional textile production is an environmental disaster. 

We need to change that.

Our mill prints all of our fabrics digitally on demand, meaning they

print only what we request, so there's no printed fabric waste.

The colors are mixed as printed, the inks free from harmful chemicals.

No water is used in post processing, so no water is wasted in production.  



We created Djuna Shay from the belief that there is nothing stylish in suffering. There is nothing chic in exploitation.

True for animals, humans, and the earth.

We want to have clothing options that are cool, chic, fun pieces.

We want to promote a future of fashion that doesn’t make someone

choose either style or substance.

We want to encourage a shift where BOTH exist together.
















A portion of a sale from any "Flying Pig" print is donated to

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

A portion of a sale from "The Lonely Ones Club" benefits various endangered species.

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